Best Islamic Songs in Arabic

Islamic songs, specially the Arabic songs are very popular amongst the muslim community. There are so many  Islamic Arabic songs available in the platform of media. Amongst them, some of are very popular and acceptable that they gain the title of best islamic songs. In order to know about the best islamic songs, you are requested to read through the article.

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  1. What Islamic Songs are?
  2. Is songs are haram in Islam?
  3. What is the popular type amongst the Islamic Songs? 
  4. Is Islamic Songs are formed in only Arabic?
  5. Is music  haram in Islam?
  6. What kind of music is allowed in Islam?
  7. What is a halal song?
  8. How many types of Islamic music are?
  9. What is a halal song?
  10. Who created Islamic music?
  11. What are the Islamic music of Mindanao?
  12. What Nasheed means?
  13. What is the difference between Naat and Nasheed? 
  14. What are the 2 types of Moro Islamic music?
  15. What is Islamic vocal music?
  16. What is Nasheed in Arabic?
  17. Is using musical instrument are allowed in Islam?
  18. Are songs haram in Ramadan?
  19. What is the most popular Nasheed?
  20. Who is the best singer in Islam?
  21. A list of the best and popular Islamic Song in Arabic.

1.What Islamic Songs are? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Songs that contains Islamic ideology.

The songs that retains Islamic ideology, moral, dignity, expression and most effectively the praise of Almighty are called the Islamic Songs.

2.Is songs are haram in Islam? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Songs that can't retain any ideology that is forbidden in Islam are not haram in Islam. Rather, those songs which retain the context of forbidden things in Islam like shirk or kufar are haram in Islam.

3.What is the popular type amongst the Islamic Songs? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.


Nasheeds are the popular form of Islamic Songs and granted by all types of people. It is generally a kind of song that contain the praise of almighty Allah and his prophet MUHAMMAD[PBUH]. Generally hamd and naat are the two popular form of islamic songs .

4. Is Islamic Songs are formed in only Arabic? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

No,in any language.

It can be thought that Islamic Songs are created only in Arabic language, but it's not true. Islamic Songs can be made in any language.Nasheed is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as نشید, नशीद, نشيد, নাশীদ.

5. Is music  haram in Islam? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Prohibited, no exceptions except maybe call to prayer in a religious manner.

Those who believe the Quran and hadith "strictly" prohibits music include the Salafi and Deobandi. The Quran does not specifically refer to music itself.

6. What kind of music is allowed in Islam? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.


Nasheeds are moral, religious recitations recited in various melodies by some Muslims of today without any musical instruments. However, some nasheed groups use percussion instruments, such as the daff(a musical instrument). Singing moral songs of this type without instrumentation is considered permissible (halal) by many Muslims.

7.What is a halal song? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

The rappers turning hit songs halal. 

Deen Squad are a duo of Muslim rappers who take popular songs and re-record them with religious lyrics. The idea is to remove profanities and references to sex and drugs to make the songs halal, or permissible under the rules of Islam.

8.How many types of Islamic music are? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

There are various types of Islamic music.some of the types of Islamic music are-


(b) Sufi music.

(c) Music for public religious celebrations.

9.What is meaning of Naat in English? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Poetry in praise of the prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH). 

The poetry that contains the praise of the last prophet in Islam MUHAMMAD (PBUH)is called naat.

10.Who created Islamic music? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Ibn Misjaḥ.

The first and the greatest musician of the Umayyad era was Ibn Misjaḥ, often honoured as the father of Islamic music. Born in Mecca of a Persian family.He was a musical theorist and a skilled singer and lute player.

11.What are the Islamic music of Mindanao? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

The ancient Muslim folk song and dance called estijaro.

Mindanao folk music including the ancient Muslim folk song and dance called estijaro, and a Mindanao folk song called uruyan. These are usually accompanied by drums, gongs, or other percussion instruments like the subing, a gong.

12.What Nasheed means? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Nasheed is very popular in Muslim and its main origin is Arabic. Nasheed name meanings is Beautiful one. 

13.What is the difference between Naat and Nasheed? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

The difference between nasheed and naat is that nasheed is an islamic song. On the other hand, naat is islamic poetry in praise of the prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH)

14.What are the 2 types of Moro Islamic music? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

The two types of islamic music are-

a. Lugu –A chants that they use in reading his/her Qur'an and other books they use in his/her Islam religion. 

b. Kalangan –Kalagan are songs that they use for serenading his/her loved ones.

15.What is Islamic vocal music? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Islamic music with melody and rhythm.

 Islamic music is characterized by a highly subtle organization of melody and rhythm, in which the vocal component predominates over the instrumental.

16.What is Nasheed in Arabic? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

A nasheed (Arabic: singular  nashīd, plural  nāshīd) is a work of vocal music, partially coincident with hymns, that is either sung a cappella or with instruments, according to a particular style or tradition within Islam. Nasheeds are popular in the muslim community throughout the Islamic world.

17.Is using musical instrument are allowed in Islam? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

There is an ideology for every religion. Also have in islam. Numerous famous  historical Islamic scholars such as Imam Al-Ghazali and Ibn Sina have also said that musical instruments may be used for the time as long as the songs are not promoting which is Haraam.

18.Are songs haram in Ramadan? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

During Ramadan, it is generally best to refrain from listening to music loudly because it can offend those who are fasting. However, it is acceptable to listen to music that are acceptable such as nasheeds or naat on smartphone or iPod with the aid of headphones.

19.What is the most popular Nasheed? Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.

Some nasheeds are very popular. Such as-

  • Burdah' by Mesut Kurtis (2007) 
  •  Ya Adheeman' by Ahmed Bukhatir (2001) 
  •  A is for Allah' by Yusuf Islam (2000) 
  •  Allah Knows' by Zain Bhikha (2010) 
  •  Assalamu Alayka' by Maher Zain (2012)
20.Who is the best singer in Islam? Best Islamic Song in Arabic.

The following list shows some of the best known modern Muslim nasheed artists of today.

  • Yusuf Islam.  
  • Native Deen. 
  •  Dawud Wharnsby Ali. 
  • Zain Bhikha. 
  • Raihan.
21. A list of the best and popular Islamic Song in Arabic. Best Islamic Songs in Arabic.
Here is a list of the best and very popular Islamic Songs in Arabic over the years.

1. 'Burdah' by Mesut Kurtis (2007).

An uplifting way to start the day. This song established Turkey’s Mesut Kurtis as a new star of the nasheed genre.
With the lyrics taken from the Burdah, written by 13th-century Egyptian poet Imam Al-Busiri, Kurtis gives these much-loved verses a modern sheen with his soulful voice and smooth percussion. Mesut Kurtis  told The National in a  interviewof 2015 that Islam doesn't clash with art because Islam is an art.He also said that the only thing we are doing in our existence here on Earth is discovering and getting inspired by creation.

2. 'Ya Adheeman' by Ahmed Bukhatir (2001).

History will show that the Emirati artist is a trailblazer for the local music industry.
Where 20 years ago, an international tour by an Emirati singer would be limited to the region, North Africa and maybe a London stop, Ahmed Bukhatir has been packing out venues from Australia and New Zealand to the UK and Canada. The Sharjah resident remains the UAE's most high-profile nasheed artist and the aching Ya Adheeman is a beautiful showcase of his style  that warms the heart with understated, soulful lyrics.
This Nasheed tells the story of a troubled soul who finally found comfort in faith: "My soul is brightened by a light in my heart/ When I praised the God of Mankind/ And my soul is cheered up and the tears are flowing."

3. 'A is for Allah' by Yusuf Islam (2000).

An absolute classic of the genre that went on to become an essential teaching tool for Muslim families. A is for Allah finds Yusuf Islam using various letters of the English alphabet to highlight certain aspects of the faith. This nasshed is very much accepltable in the muslim community.

4. 'Allah Knows' by Zain Bhikha (2010).

This tranquil piece of songwriting could stand up as a great ballad for any  act.
 Zain Bhikha shows the healing qualities of nasheeds with this lyrics and how their uplifting nature reminds us that all difficult times will pass. someday.
 Bhikha told The National in 2013 that Some of the best songs that she had written were when she was truly inspired and felt close to Allah and thinking about her life. She also told , "That is what people want to hear, something real from someone else."

5. 'Assalamu Alayka' by Maher Zain (2012)
It is the best nasheed in the year of 2012 and approximately the most acceptable songs till now even after almost 10 years.This nasheed  would have been the biggest song of 2012.During that year,no Muslim neighbourhood either in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur or Istanbul without hearing this catchy ode to the Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu Taala Alayhi Wa Alihi Wa Sallam.  Maher Zain, Swedish-Lebanese singer,made sure of that, too. He released versions of the nasheed in Arabic, English and Turkish.

6. 'The Crazy Spots I've Prayed' by Dawud Wharnsby (2003)

Nasheeds can also be jaunty as well.This is a light-hearted track that would elicit plenty of knowing nods from the faithful living in non-Muslim countries.
In Dylan-esque fashion, the Canadian singer-songwriter lists all the impromptu places he has prayed in, to fulfil the five daily prayers on time. From roadsides to changing rooms in clothing stores, Wharnsby details how he has left his spiritual mark. “When I think of every path, where I’ve ever trot,” he sings, “I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God.”

7. 'Allah Hoo' by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1992)
A master of qawwali music – a form of Islamic devotional songs practised mostly in South-East Asia – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan makes you feel the power and significance of worship in this epic 27-minute.Initially renowned in the Gulf for his melodious recitation of the Quran, it didn’t take long for the Kuwaiti artist to cross over to the nasheed genre  that is nearly 20 years ago.

8.'La Elah Ela Allah' by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
One of his most popular tracks and a great example of the subtle yet precise production work that goes into nasheed songs.The rhythm and melodies of this song is done through the manipulation of Alafasy's backing vocals without the use of instrumentation,  . The video, in which Alafasy sings from the back seat of a car stuck in a traffic jam in the  reminiscent of 1992's .

9. 'Ramadan is Here' by Native Deen (2011)

A perfect tonic if the rigours of Ramadan tire you midway through the month. Native Deen is a US group that  keep it pacey and vibrant as they sing and rap about the joys of the holy month. The track is a timely reminder that Ramadan is about more than simply abstaining from food and drink: “Everybody knows that we gotta fast / But does everybody know how the time is passed? / Is it sleeping all day and the nights a blast? / And forgetting the reward of the month is vast?” - the beautiful lyrics are.

10. 'Farshi Al Turab' by Mishary Al Arada (2015)
Farshi Al Turab is an another popular nasheed by Mishary Al Arada that was realeased in 2015.

11. ‘Asmu’ by Muhammad Al Muqit (2016)

This is the most popular track by the Saudi Arabian artist. The calming track has Al Muqit going through a list of things, some moments and feelings .Muqit is grateful for as he wakes up to face a new day.nHowever, giving thanks is enough for him. Al Muqit urges us to do our bit best in spreading joy and beauty into the world.He said that ,Color the world with the most beautiful smile and also be an example for all that is good.

12. 'Eid Song' by Sami Yusuf (2005).

A very famous song by Sami Yusuf is the eid song that was realized in 2015.A great choice to play in the final days of Ramadan to get oneself ready for Eid. Considered a family classic of Sami Yusuf's rich body of work, Eid Song is full of joyful imagery of children and preparing for and celebrating Eid considered a family of Sami Yusuf. "Children are wearing new clothes and bright colors fill the streets," he sings. "Their faces full of laughter. Their pockets full of sweets. Let us rejoice indeed, for this is the day of Eid." This song is really beautiful for containing the vibes of the greatest festival of the Muslim community, the eid.

Arabic songs are very peaceful to hear. The Muslim community loves to hear those songs very much.

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