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 There are a lots of mental hospital available in Dhaka city. All the hospitals don't provide the same facilities.For the benefits of the reader,we are providing a list of the best mental hospital in Dhaka.To know about the mental hospital in Dhaka, read the article throughly.

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  1. How would describe a mental hospital?
  2. What is mental hospital called in English?
  3. What types of mental disorder are served?
  4. What is another name for mental hospital?
  5. How long do one stay in a mental hospital?
  6. What is the longest someone can stay in a mental hospital?
  7. What is a mentally ill person called?
  8. What are the 5 signs of mental illness?
  9. What mental hospitals are best in Dhaka?
  10. What do you wear in a mental hospital?
Everyone wants to choice a good mental health treatment centre for his loved one and so , having good knowledge about the hospital available in Dhaka city is a must.It is a huge duty to choose a mental health treatment centre and finding the finest possible treatment for long-term wellbeing is just as essential as being on time. Diagnosis of mental disorders may or may not be beneficial, depending on a variety of aspects. Good Hospital will provide superior services.
As a result, the chance for overcoming the patient  from problem rises a lot. All Hospital cannot provide the same service. So everybody has to gather proper knowledge about the hospitals available and also have the idea about the services provided by the hospital.

There are many mental health care hospitals in Dhaka for helping those who are suffering from various forms of anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses.These mental health care hospitals are designed to accommodate people in need of help, and also provide a safe environment for them. The most important thing is that they not only treat the existing symptoms, but also address the root cause of the illness. 

Mental health issues have been on the rise in the past few years and still it is great in number.This is no wonder that lack of awareness is still prevalent.

There are many causes of mental health issues. It also varies from person to person.As an example,most female patients have been victims of sexual harassment or assault in their lifetime. As a result,they suffer from a lot of mental problems.Besides, a male person suffers from mental problem for various reasons like family pressure,lost of near and dear ones, family crisis, detachment of father and mother, destruction in family life etc.
Every patient needs not the same services. The service can be different according to the problem of the patient. And it is most important to understand what type of service does a patient require.

To look for in the best mental hospital,one has to analyze or search some things like long-term therapy, a skilled and collaborative staff, evidence-based diagnostic methods, personalized treatment plans for co-occurring disorders, and a therapeutic community focused on social support. One should choice a treatment clinic that provides a psychiatry residency if at all possible. If possible, one of the essential reasons to select residential care is that it provides a far wider choice of treatment options that is far better than the other.

Some factors are given below to consider when finding the best mental hospitals in Dhaka:

The first one is :The treatability and recovery rate of patients.
A treatment center that is world-renowned for its excellence in handling various cases is the only way to know if they are effective or not. Reputation speaks a lot about how good an institute really is. Everyone justify about the hospital by its reputation.

The second one is:The credibility of the medical staff.

The people providing treatment should have enough knowledge about what they are doing and should be certified to do so. In addition, the qualifications of the hospital’s psychiatrist are also important. Because, nothing is more valuable than the life of a person. So, the one who will provide the treatment must have a bunch of knowledge about what he or she is providing.

The third one is:A wide variety of treatments available for patients to choose from.
If a certain option works on most patients with a certain condition, it is still best to be open-minded in trying other therapies. Patient should feel at ease when choosing the treatment, they want to undergo because this will help them recover better and also within a short time.

The fourth one is: Facilities and amenities available make all the difference.

A hospital with a kitchen and cafeteria for patient mealtimes is a big bonus. Because it  reduces the stress of having to go out to eat. For those people who live far away, this convenience can help them save time and money.

The fifth one is: Treatment plans .
Treatment plans are also important to consider when looking for the best mental hospitals in Dhaka.A good mental hospital should have flexible schedules that will accommodate the needs of the patient. Sometimes, family members have to take time off just to accompany their loved ones before and after treatment, so it is essential that the institute should be easily accessible for all.In addition, the best mental hospitals in Dhaka should have support groups for family members who also need assistance during this trying time as the time is very crucial.

 The last one is:A hospital’s location
 A hospital’s location is equally important as it’s not practical to live far from the office or home for too long.The majority of these hospitals are located around Dhaka. And so it’s worth to find out about their location and distance from home, work, and other important places.

Here are the answers of some questions about the mental hospitals in Dhaka.
1.How would describe a mental hospital? List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
A hospital for the care and treatment of patients affected with acute or chronic mental illness is called a mental hospital.

2.What is mental hospital called in English?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
Psychiatric hospital.
Mental health units or behavioral health units are hospitals or wards specializing in the treatment of severe mental disorders.

3.What types of mental disorder are served?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. 
Disorder like bipolar or schizophrenia i.e. mental disorders are served in a mental hospital.

4.What is another name for mental hospital?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
Mental home,asylum etc.
Synonyms or the other names of mental hospital are psychopathic hospital, institution, psychiatric hospital, sanitarium, psychiatric ward, psychiatric unit, mental-institution, mental home, insane-asylum and asylum.

5.How long do one stay in a mental hospital?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
Between six and 18 months.
The majority of people stay between six and 18 months.There are a few people who need to stay longer.

6.What is the longest someone can stay in a mental hospital?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
On a 5150.
A person on a 5150 can be held in the psychiatric hospital against their will for up to 72 hours.

7.What is a mentally ill person called?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
Person with a mental illness.
We should not use “Mentally ill person” or “Person who is mentally ill”.Rather we should use"Person with a mental illness” or “Person living with a mental health issue”.

8. What are the 5 signs of mental illness?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
The five main warning signs of mental illness are as follows:
(a)Excessive paranoia, worry, or anxiety.
(b)Long-lasting sadness or irritability.
(c)Extreme changes in moods.
(d)Social withdrawal.
(e)Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping pattern.

9.What mental hospitals are best in Dhaka?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
The best mental hospitals of Dhaka city are given below-
1.Dhaka Monorog Clinic
2.Brain and Mind Hospital
3.Niramoy Hospital
4. Insight psycho Social Care and Research
5. Modern psychiatric Hospital
6. National Institute of Mental Health and Hospital
7. Psychological Health and Wellness Clinic

10.What do you wear in a mental hospital?List of Mental Hospital In Dhaka.
High heels, revealing garments, and visible underwear. 
Almost all psychiatric units prohibit certain types of clothing like high heels, revealing garments, and visible underwear. Clothing policies vary from one to another. On some units, patients are asked to wear pajamas, robes, and slippers that are provided by the facility.

In the conclusion,we can say that, rehabilitation for mental disorders can be successful,if it is done properly. So,to have information about mental hospital is important. Best mental hospital will inform exactly what treatments they utilize, how they assist patients. 
Mental problem is such a disorder just like other health problem. This problem also can be recover by proper treatment and service. So, we all should come forward to help the people who are suffering from mental disorder. And so, there is no alternative to establish good mental hospitals as much as possible.

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